[mythtv-users] Missing Files

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Wed Mar 8 00:53:57 UTC 2006

On 03/07/06 17:18, Jeff Clemens wrote:

>On 3/4/06, Michael T. Dean <mtdean at thirdcontact.com> wrote:
>>On 03/04/2006 05:53 PM, Jeff Clemens wrote:
>>>The gui won't let me delete these
>>>phantom files...  whenever I try to select one of them, for either
>>>watching, or to access the menu, I get a pop-up that says the file
>>>does not exist.
>>0.19 allows you to delete them.  However, do not SELECT them, highlight
>>the recording and use MENU (or, if you have arrow key accelerators
>>enabled, use right), then select Delete from the pop up menu.
>I get the error when I press the menu key (or the right arrow).  It says it
>can't find the file.

OK, I did some testing and noticed a couple of things.  First (for 
completeness sake), after checking my LIRC config, I realized it's not 
the menu key, but the INFO key that I had been using.  The MENU key 
allows changing group filters/views, so it's not useful.  The INFO key 
pops up the Action dialog, which gives an option to delete the recording.

However, I also realize this isn't the problem you were having (you 
figured out which key I actually meant).  Instead, there is a 
discrepancy in the way the code works.  Until the recording's available 
status has been marked asFileNotFound, you can use the INFO key to pop 
up the Action dialog (the one with Play/Add to Playlist/Delete/etc.).  
However once the available status is set to asFileNotFound (which you 
can identify visually by the program's title being changed to the 
theme's inactive font), you *always* get the AvailablePopup that says, 
"The file for this recording can not be found," and cannot get the 
Action dialog.  The details of when this occurs are way to complicated 
for me to bore you with, but basically, you only get one shot and if you 
do anything other than delete at that point, you've missed your 
opportunity until the next time you enter the Watch Recordings or Delete 
Recordings page.  (Unfortunately, I hadn't yet missed my opportunity any 
of the 30 or so times I've done this, so I thought all these people 
telling me my approach didn't work were just wrong...  Turns out I was 
only partially right (even ignoring some of my posts incorrectly saying 
to use MENU)--and left out a big part of how it actually works--bigger 
than the part I was seeing.)

So, for now, the right approach to take is to hit the DELETE key (by 
default "d") when you scroll to the recording in the list.  DELETE 
always allows you to proceed--even if the file does not exist.  If you 
don't have DELETE mapped on your remote, you'll need to use a keyboard.  
I'll be fixing this, but I need some input from the devs to figure out 
what the desired post-patch behavior should be (because I think the way 
I've been doing it is wrong).

Anyone know how to take about 8 of my posts recommending people use the 
INFO (or MENU) key to delete non-existent recordings off the 'net and 
replace them with posts saying to use DELETE?  :)


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