[mythtv-users] No sound on second Hauppauge 150

David Watkins watkinshome at gmail.com
Tue Mar 7 16:59:47 UTC 2006

> Ok, Posting stuff to my own email isn't normal, but I have more info...
> For those that haven't read the previous emails, I have two identical cards,
> Hauppauge 150's, one that was originally in the machine, and working for some
> time and now an additional one which I get video out of it but no sound out
> of it.
> When I test the cards without mythtv, from the command line, I get sound and
> vision from both, but from within mythtv, the sound is missing on one of the
> cards, it's always tuner 2 that has the problem.
> If I change tuner with the Y key, the sound is muted, However, from a console
> I issue the command
> ivtvctl --set-ctrl=mute=1 -d /dev/video1 (To mute it even though it is
> muted!!)
> Then
> ivtvctl --set-ctrl=mute=0 -d /dev/video1 (To un-mute it)
> I get sound from the second tuner.
> I have to issue the two commands, it doesn't work If I just try to unmute it..
> If I go to the original tuner (still working as normal) and then back to the
> second tuner, via the Y key, the sound is again muted, So I have to go
> through the two ivtvctl command again, which is no good for recording.
> So, to me, it must be mythtv that is causing the muting. But it's not limited
> to the Y key (It does cause the card to be remuted), If I record from the
> second tuner the sound is muted also...
> Any takers ???

I can't really help but, if I was in your shoes I'd remove the card
that is working and try and get the other card working on its own.  It
might be that you have different chipsets/tuner types in the two cards
and that you're missing the magic bit of configuration that allows
them both to work.  If you can get each card  to work separately then
you might discover what the difference is, and then be able to tackle

Also I remember from a few versions ago (0.16) that there was a check
box somewhere in mythtvsetup card settings labelled something like
'prevent mythtv muting sound'.  I've no idea if this option is still
there or even if it's likely to work in your case, but it does sound
like just what you want!

Hope this helps.

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