[mythtv-users] Will autoexpire auto-re-record?

Derek Battams derek at battams.ca
Mon Mar 6 23:49:20 UTC 2006

Quoting "Michael T. Dean" <mtdean at thirdcontact.com>:

> On 02/22/2006 01:56 AM, Mike Grusin wrote:
>> After looking at Mike's suggestion and poking around in the UI a bit, I
>> realize that what I should have asked was specifically regarding movies and
>> one-off shows (which is what I now realize I've been losing lately).  Series
>> shows which autoexpire are definitely re-recorded (which is what made me
>> think that MythTV automagically did this for everything).
>> My very limited understanding of the problem is that while autoexpired
>> series episodes have a query hanging around to re-record them, autoexpired
>> movies end up in a bit of a black hole (from the UI at least, it looks like
>> they never existed).  BUT, if autoexpired movies can re-record themselves in
>> 0.19, then all is quite well with the world. =)
> Basically, when a Find One/This Episode recording completes, the
> housekeeping thread cleans up the recording rule because Myth has done
> its job.  When a show is autoexpired, it's basically like your choosing
> "Delete and allow re-record."  However, if there is no recording rule
> (and, once the housekeeping thread deletes the rule, there is none),
> Myth won't know to record it.
> See http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/mythtv/dev/162912#162912 for
> some of the issues.
> Mike

I still haven't got around to looking into this in great detail, but my 
proposed solution still would be to create a Find One Power Search rule 
that simply uses the programid of the autoexpired program as the 
criteria, if available, or uses the title/subtitle otherwise.  When 
something is auto expired create this Find One/Power Search rule and 
pop it in the record table.  I think I may have time later in the week 
to whip something up.  This would also be useful for cases where an 
epsiode is autoexpired and is allowed to rerecord, but never will 
because your recording rule says "Record New Episodes Only".  Usually 
by the time a show reairs, it's rarely considered a new episode by 
MythTV (origairdate + 14 days >= today).

  - Derek

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