[mythtv-users] LiveTV auto recording? Harddrive filling up.

Graham Wood mythtv-users at spam.dragonhold.org
Mon Mar 6 15:13:47 UTC 2006

On Mon, March 6, 2006 14:56, Kevin Kuphal wrote:
> Graham Wood wrote:
> Actually, it does.  What the OP doesn't like is the *idea* of a
> recording sitting on his hard drive.  The space it takes up will be
> freed and the auto-expire settings will take care of that.
So the 'immediate expiry' function is there then? If you use the same
partition for ripping DVDs and normal recordings, then it is quite
possible that the live tv recording will reduce the available disk space
below that required to rip some 6 hour epic DVD. This in turn means that
under certain conditions the liveTV recording could prevent you from
ripping your DVDs.  Or have I missed something?

> you can rid yourself of this concern and just let the system do
> it's job.
As long as you actually have that amount of disk space available.

No, I'm not claiming that 99.999% of the people out there using MythTV
will have issues with disk space - merely that /some/ people might.  And
would it really be that difficult to add a trigger such that when you stop
watching it deletes it?

As far as I can see, this shouldn't be a particularly difficult change to
implement.  It wouldn't cause bloat (since IIRC the time for liveTV to
record is already there as a separate option), wouldn't affect most
people's experience (if you don't set it to 0 days, it won't change
anything), and would give people more control.

So as far as I can see there are very few negatives (slight increase in
the size of the code, assuming that the auto-expire isn't automatically
called at the end of a recording), and the positive is that it gives
people the ability to run this system the way they want to.  Which, from
what I can understand, is one of the principles of Myth.

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