[mythtv-users] Generating preview of running recording breaks it

Dag Nygren dag at newtech.fi
Mon Mar 6 09:00:42 UTC 2006

> > On Sunday 05 March 2006 16:19, Dag Nygren wrote:
> > > Version: 0.19
> > >
> > > Generating a preview (by pressing "recorded programs" in Mythweb)
> > > of a running recording breaks the recording  into two parts:
> > > One before the preview and one after.
> > >
> > > Looking inthe log it seems like the backend crashes.
> > > Attaching a gdb log created by gdb:ing the core dump.
> > > Seems to be thread 1 that crashes
> > 
> > Yup, that's the thread, looks like.  However, the stack trace is missing where 
> > in myth it died (the ??'s).
> So it is.
> I will try to start it through gdb and see if I can repeat the problem,
> hopefully getting a more useful trace. It should be fairly repeatable as
> I have done ths twice and had a crash both times.

OK, traced this down to some 0 byte recording files in the record directory.
Pressing "recorded programs" tried to generate previews for these and the
backend crashed. Couldn't get it to crash under gdb though, so I have no
indication of clue to where the crash was, sorry.

I am quite worried about my stack trace not having symbols though.
Doublechecked and the backend is not stripped and configured with
--compile-type=debug. Any clues for the future?


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