[mythtv-users] Commercial flagging in Australia

Max Barry mythtv at maxbarry.com
Mon Mar 6 02:25:59 UTC 2006

After upgrading to 0.19 (thank you devs!), I was pleasantly surprised to
find that commercial flagging seems to actually work. Or at least, work
much better than it used to. I thought I'd share my experience and
hopefully hear from some other Aussies to find the current best practice.

I'm in Melbourne, watching free-to-air SD. Blank frame detection is very
inaccurate (almost completely random, actually), but logo detection
works quite well, being maybe 90 - 95% accurate.

This isn't reliable enough to activate auto-skip, but I can use the
commercial skip button to get through ads much quicker. And mythcommflag
using logo detection completes quite quickly, so I don't have to wait
long for an ad-free cutlist.

Anyone else want to share their experience with commercial flagging in


P.S. A similar thread for UK users is here:

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