[mythtv-users] nvidia (or other) tv-out without deinterlacing?

Nick Bartos spam1001 at 2thebatcave.com
Sun Mar 5 22:38:09 UTC 2006

> What sort of display device are you feeding and through what type of
> connection ?? Composite connections and even S-Video can do bad
> things to a good signal.

I have a 36" panasonic HDTV (tube) monitor (early version from a few years
ago).  It has component inputs but I think it only does 480p.  Currently
using svideo from the nvidia 6600.  Interesting to note is that I have to
run the svideo through my receiver, or on bootup I get crappy output on
svideo.  It appears that the card autodects the output type (pal/ntsc) and
it gets it wrong when I plug it right into the back of my tv.  Also
interesting is that if I plug it into the front jack in the tv then it
will work fine too.  I can plug it into the front on bootup and then it is
fine, and move it to the rear input and it is fine, just doesn't work on
reboot.  But I guess that part isn't really relevant for this, just

I had considered using an svga->component adaptor but just never did it. 
I wonder if I could get away with disabling deinterlacing if I did that. 
I live in silicon valley so I am guessing that I could find something like
that here locally.  It would be nice to try it.  I just don't like
ordering things online if I can help it, mostly when I want to be able to
return something if it doesn't help.

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