[mythtv-users] FC4: Nova-T Backend, Via M10000 Frontend. BBC1 Jerky?

Steve Daniels steve.p.daniels at googlemail.com
Sun Mar 5 20:14:38 UTC 2006

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> Jerky?
> If you're using the atrpms version, then xvmc support of the Via
> Unichromes
> isn't included, as it's specific to one piece of hardware (atrpsm used to
> have a mythtv-via set, or something like that. Some discussion of it's
> demise is somewhere on the atrpms site, but I can't remember where).
> As far as I know to enable xVmc you'll need to download the source and
> compile your own. Source tarballs are linked on the www.mythtv.org
> homepage
> - you don't need to go the whole hog into SVN unless you want the bleeding
> edge. Don't worry - it's not actually all as scary as it seems, even if
> you're not used to compiling from source one just follows the
> instructions...
> There's a series of compile options that enable the xVmc functions, and
> then
> a configuration item to use them will appear in the setup menus. More
> details in the wiki on http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/index.php/XvMC
> A nice quick way to check the use of xvmc on via is to look at the
> onscreen
> display when playing any recording - with xvmc this will be limited to
> grey,
> but without you'll see it in colour...
> Hope the helps.
> -- Toby
That's nice to know. I'll download the stable fixes branch and get
compiling. On another note, I have a new problem now, but I'll draw that up
in another post. Basically, I start the backend, I open up mythfrontend, try
and watch live tv, frontend says it can't get a lock try a new channel,
meanwhile backend dies. All this started randomly happening when I hadn't
even changed a thing. It was working in the morning, and by the afternoon
when my Mum went to use it for the first time since I got the remote
working, it dies! Anyway,

Thanks again for your insight Toby, I'll let you know how I get on.


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