[mythtv-users] alternatives to mythmusic?

Garth Benedict shrkbait at gmail.com
Sun Mar 5 17:29:41 UTC 2006

I can second http://www.mp3act.net/ as a GREAT solution.  If I remember the
issue with getting the jukebox working is a permissions issue.  I added the
following to my sudoers and made the mp3act call sudo for the kill and play

apache  ALL = NOPASSWD: \
    /usr/bin/mpg123, /bin/kill

On 3/5/06, Jesse Guardiani <jesse at wingnet.net> wrote:
> On Saturday 04 March 2006 9:21 pm, Gabe Rubin wrote:
> > I just set up a new backend/frontend that has completely digital
> > outputs (sound and video).  I have my music from my desktop computer
> > mounted via samba to the mythbox.  Playing music via myth is no
> > problem as intended, but with several thousand music files, it is very
> > difficult to navigate with a remote.
> >
> > Is ther any alternative out there?  Preferably something I can control
> > from my desktop?  My windows box is not connected to my receiver via
> > digital (it is analog) and I get a nasty ground hum.  I would prefer
> > to use the mythbox and control it from a remote computer, even if it
> > means not using mythmusic.
> mp3act has a jukebox mode which will play on the local machine. I have it
> installed on my Gentoo/MythTV box, and I have it streaming, but jukebox
> mode isn't working for me right now. No time to debug. Maybe later. :(
> I also have gnump3d installed. gnump3d doesn't have a jukebox mode, but it
> is capable of downsampling, which I don't believe mp3act can do.
> Seems to me like a web based solution would be best.
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