[mythtv-users] VIA EPIA XvMC problems upgrading from 0.18 to 0.19

Steve Daniels steve.p.daniels at googlemail.com
Sun Mar 5 14:27:53 UTC 2006

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> Hi Chris,
> You're getting further than I am!
> I had XvMC working nicely on my VIA frontend with 0.18, upgraded to 
> 0.19 and now don't even have an option to enable this in my frontend
> OSD has reverted to blue (I'm using the blue theme) when it was always 
> grey when XvMC was being used and CPU usage is way up - since I only 
> have a 1ghz Ezra, this is a problem as it cannot always keep up - 
> particularly with LiveTV.
> I rebuilt myth-0.19 on the frontend ensuring that all relevant xvmc 
> switches were enabled, checked my XvMCConfig and linked it to my 
> ~mythv and ~/.mythtv/<some-subdir> directories - I found some posting 
> that recommended this.
> Still no joy - frontend setup does not mention anything about XvMC :-(
> If anyone has any ideas, or has XvMC working with 0.19, I would be 
> very interested in hearing from them.
> Thanks for you time, guys - and thanks for 0.19 - from what I have 
> seen of it so far, it looks like a good move forward.
> Jules

It seems I'm in the same boat. I'll definitely be staying tuned to this


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