[mythtv-users] Which IR Blaster

William wmunson at rochester.rr.com
Sun Mar 5 12:38:57 UTC 2006

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What is a good IR Blaster to buy?  Is there one that most people use?

Where would you buy it? 



Thats a pretty open ended question. The answer will depend on what you want
to control. If you are controlling a common device that has a known command
structure and is supported by lirc then any cheapo ir blaster will do
including the one mentioned earlier. If you want to control something
unusual then you need a blaster with learning support. Also, dishnetwork
receivers are notorious for being hard to control with a generic blaster
(they use a different frequency)

My personal favorite is the MyBlaster serial from www.my.tv which has a long
range (10 feet) and big library of predefined codes plus a learning mode to
be able to write your own code set. Yes its a bit more expensive but you
dont need to set up lirc to control it. There is a perl script interface
that works flawlessly with linux/unix.

http://myblaster.sourceforge.net for the driver.

http://www.mythtvtalk.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=9157#9157 for the support

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