[mythtv-users] ATI Remote Bob I and II

Steve Daniels steve.p.daniels at googlemail.com
Sat Mar 4 14:37:03 UTC 2006


I've seen the AT RF remote here:
But I have also seen version II here:
I was wondering what is the major difference?

I can only really seem to find documentation for the version two, does this
mean that only the latest version of the remote is supported? Most likely I
just haven't looked hard enough however.

Do both of the remotes support the ability to have multiple remotes on
different ID's?

I'm assuming that the latter pricey one would be better for MythTV. I'll be
going through one floor, and one internal single brick thick wall in a UK
house. Range needed through this is about 5 metres total. Any ideas if this
will work? I won't hold it against you if it doesn't as I'm sure I can find
other uses for it!

One more thing, would it be possible to use two RF remotes on one system
independently, with two copies of LIRC running different configs?

Thanks for you time,


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