[mythtv-users] Sound Cutting Out

John Armstrong ja at ggrove.plus.com
Sat Mar 4 10:45:32 UTC 2006

From: "Kichigai Mentat" <kichigai at comcast.net>

> For a while now, certain channels have been having sound that works
> on and off. However, recently, I've noticed that it's less specific
> than I had previously thought. I've had recordings with either
> intermittent sound, or no sound at all, on channels that have
> exhibited no problems at all.
> I'm using a PVR-150 on KnoppMyth R5A30. Is this a known problem with
> the PVR-150? Has anyone else had this kind of problem before? Or is
> it just poor tuning quality (I am using analog cable)?

I'm getting a few recordings from a PVR150 with no sound. I had two 
recordings last night, both recorded with the same tuner from the same 
channel (back to back shows), first had sound, second didn't.
This is with ivtv-0.4.2 and mythtv-0.19_p9163 on a gentoo box.
Will try the later and previous versions of ivtv. Have only had the card a 
few days so I don't know if the problem existed with other software 


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