[mythtv-users] Loading device at boot time

R. G. Newbury newbury at mandamus.org
Fri Mar 3 16:14:03 UTC 2006

Kevin Kuphal wrote:
> I recently added a QAM HDTV tuner to my slave backend.  When it boots, 
> it seems to load the saa7134 V4L driver fine, but I need to load the 
> saa7134-dvb driver.  I can do this with a modprobe but I wanted to do it 
> with the modules.conf file.  I've done this with ivtv before my aliasing 
> the char-major device to it, but I'm not sure how to do this with the 
> DVB drivers or if it is even the right place.  I'm running FC4 with the 
> latest (2.6.15) kernel.  Please advise how I can get these to load 
> without slapping them into an rc.local file.
I have a pcHDTV 3000 running under Fedora Core 4 with the 2.6.14_1656 
DVB card driver modules are contained in the kernel. From some detective 
work, it appears that the kernel recognizes the card, well before 
modprobe.conf is reached. The kernel uses the /lib/modules/'uname 
-r'/modules.pcimap  file to determine what to load.
And that file seems to get 'automagically' re-ordered. I cannot get it 
to repeatably keep the cx88-dvb digital module listing ahead of the 
cx8800 analog module listing. (It appears that the cx88-blackbird module 
*must* be loaded before either of the others).

If you load the 'wrong' module first: that is, the analog module rather 
than the digital module, modprobe.conf seems to be unable to fix the 
problem. I know that you should be able to unload one and then load the 
other but I could not get that to work. Apparently incantations and 
sacrificing chickens to the linux gods no longer works!

So the answer actually is to add some lines to rc.local and move on.

rmmod saa71234-v4l-or-whatever-its-called
modprobe saa7134-dvb

Works for me.


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