[mythtv-users] Database Inconsistencies in 0.19

Gavin Haslett gavin at nodecaf.net
Fri Mar 3 01:21:22 UTC 2006

About 9 times out of 10 it won't let me... First it just dispalys a box
that says "File not Available" with an "OK" checkbox, then it goes "dim"
and I can't get the menu up.

Backed out, went back in and tried it several more times and finally got
through. I think if you have preview turned on it tries to play the
file, finds the file doesn't exist and then flags it as deleted... But
never purges it. Could be a bug. I was only able to get a menu to delete
the recording when I hit on it REAL FAST before it usually has time to
open the preview.

Now, I probably could have turned off preview, but until I identify
another "dud file" I won't be able to confirm if this is the case.


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On 03/02/2006 02:16 PM, Gavin Haslett wrote:
> Basically, some TV shows that were recorded months ago (sometimes as 
> long ago as a year) and deleted have suddenly reappeared in the 
> recording list. When I select them they tell me the files don't exist.
> This isn't a huge deal... the problem only seems to have happened with

> about a half dozen shows... but it is odd. Any thoughts on why this 
> would have happened? I presume that these are shows that were deleted,

> but for some reason never cleaned up (perhaps deleted with the 0.18 
> version of Mythweb that would periodically drop my backend out when I 
> used it to schedule shows?).
> Secondly... any ideas how to clean these up? I mean, other than 
> editing the database directly ;)

You can just delete them (use the INFO or MENU key--I don't remember
which--then select Delete).  You'll get a prompt saying that the file
doesn't exist and asking if you still want to delete the recording.  
Answer yes and all is good.

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