[mythtv-users] Incorrect recording length

Michael Krietemeyer michael.krietemeyer at web.de
Thu Mar 2 14:19:57 UTC 2006


When i watch a recording the displayed length in the osd is longer than the 
displayed length when using mplayer or ffmpeg.
 - MythTV: 1:07:47
 - mplayer: 1:04:56

I use version 0.19 (FC4, atrpm with apt) and a PVR-350 with PAL. The update to 
this version i made last week. Before the update everythis was OK.

Another strange behaviour I got with seeking and jumping. I to watching a 
record a time and thant want to seek or jump over commercials. The result 
when pressing the forward seek button the position in osd went 30 seconds 
forward, but the showing is some time before the old position.

When I leave watching a recorded program I bookmark the position. But when I 
want to start watching the recording at the bookmark I got a position some 
time before.

What can I do? 


Michael Krietemeyer
michael.krietemeyer at web.de

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