[mythtv-users] SSH break in attempt this morning using mythtv user

Sdk sdkovacs at gmail.com
Thu Mar 2 00:50:17 UTC 2006

On 3/1/06, mythtv-users at fastdruid.co.uk <mythtv-users at fastdruid.co.uk> wrote:
> FWIW I got so sick of ssh break in attempts (the latest one attempted over 800
> users and attempted for over 50min) that I wrote a little script to loop
> round, check the log for relevant sshd warning messages, snip the ip out and
> use iptables to block everything from that host. It does mean that I have to
> be _very_ careful to get my login correct first time from outside though. ;-)
> David

One poster mentioned a program called fail2ban which does the same
thing, but it comes in an rpm and it's highly customizable. It's what
I use.


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