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Michael Freeman mlfreeman at gmail.com
Wed Mar 1 22:55:45 UTC 2006

you mean the standards published at www.scte.org are worthless?
i know some areas may still be in the proprietary world (a.k.a the stone
ages) but i thought scte 65 covered the spec for the forward data channel
used in cablecard-friendly realms (which i think my area is a part of --
yes, i've actually read the spec -- yes, i'd be willing to help with a
decoder for myth if i could just get a qpsk receiver).

no, i don't care about the CA system...i've heard you need a certain "magic
value" burned into the cablecard in order to make any use of it. i'll get at
those channels once windows vista comes out and

i just want the bloody mapping table for real -> tv listings.

On 3/1/06, Rudy Zijlstra <mythtv at edsons.demon.nl> wrote:
> Michael Freeman wrote:
> > if the silicondust people are listening, you ought to put in a QPSK
> > tuner so we can latch onto the Forward Data Channel and no longer have
> > to guess what lies where...being able to get the digital cable info
> > feed would be nice.  we could tell what's encrypted, what listing
> > channel maps to what physical feed, etc.  none of the QPSK tuners out
> > there seem to cost less than a grand, since they're all lab equipment.
> > it's somewhere between 0-150 MHz, 2.048 Mbit data flow, 3 MHz
> > bandwidth...i think typically it resides around 75.25 MHz.
> >
> > i don't need more tuners, but i'd buy one easily just for that.  just
> > to get the data off the QPSK carrier to where i can start hacking on a
> > decoder for it.
> > and i know other people would buy it at that point too.
> >
> > On 2/28/06, **
> Ahhhh, the wish to receive either the proprietary Motorola or SA forward
> data stream... Which is also used by their respective CA systems...
> Which is not documented in any public document... which changes every so
> often (almost yearly, sometimes even faster).
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