[mythtv-users] Nuvexport aspect ratio problem - SOLVED

frank s frank8205 at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 1 21:49:04 UTC 2006

I've read through the code, and if I am reading it
correctly, all the code is in place to have nuvexport
output in the same aspect ratio as the original
recording.  All that is needed is to comment out the
line of code that ffrr pointed to in his original
post.  There seems to be no need to force the 1.7
aspect ratio, since it is set earlier in the sequence
to be what is read from the input recording.  I just
commented out that line and it worked for me.  I can
now export recordings with 1.7 aspect ratio without
modification.  For the record here is the modification
as I've made it:

In file /usr/share/nuvexport/export/ffmpeg/DVD.pm

Find the following subroutine and comment out the line

    sub export {
        my $self    = shift;
        my $episode = shift;
    # Force to 4:3 aspect ratio
#        $self->{'out_aspect'} = 1.3333;  
<----Comment out this line
        $self->{'aspect_stretched'} = 1;
    # PAL or NTSC?
        my $standard = ($episode->{'finfo'}{'fps'} =~
/^2(?:5|4\.9)/) ? 'PAL' : 'NTSC';
        $self->{'width'} = 720;
        $self->{'height'} = ($standard eq 'PAL') ?
'576' : '480';
        $self->{'out_fps'} = ($standard eq 'PAL') ? 25
: 29.97;
    # Build the ffmpeg string
        $self->{'ffmpeg_xtra'} = ' -b ' .
                               . ' -vcodec mpeg2video'
                               . ' -qmin ' .
                               . ' -ab ' .
                               . " -ar 48000 -acodec
mp2 -f dvd";
    # Execute the parent method
        $self->SUPER::export($episode, ".mpg");

I'm not sure if the aspect_stretched line is needed,
but it didn't seem to do any harm in my initial

Thanks to all who contributed to this thread.

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