[mythtv-users] Segmentation fault when updating database with data from nxtvepg

Thomas Nötges Thomas.Noetges at Web.De
Wed Mar 1 21:04:49 UTC 2006


I asked about a segmentation fault mythfrontend produces when startet. 
Now I know a little more:

a) When I initially fill the database using "mysql < mc.sql" and start 
mythfrontend (after setting up the system with mythtv-setup), 
mythfrontend can be startet.

b) Then I save the database
rcmysql stop
cp /var/lib/mysql/mythconverg/* /tmp/...
rcmysql start

c) Then I get data for the database using nxtvepg:
nxtvepg -dump xml -prov ff > /tmp/tvdata.xml

d) Next I update the database

mythfilldatabase --update --file 1 -1 /tmp/tvdata.xml

e) Now mythfrontend cannot longer be startet. I suggest something's 
wrong with the database.

f) Now I try to restore the database

rcmysql stop
rm -r /var/lib/mysql/mythconverg/*
cp /tmp/... /var/lib/mysql/mythconverg
rcmysql start

g) When I now start mythfrontend, I still get a segmentation fault.

h) Now I delete the database and set it up again:

rcmysql stop
rm -r /var/lib/mysql/mythconverg/*
rcmysql start
mysql < mc.sql

i) Now mythfrontend can be started again.

So I cannot fill the database any more. Using version 0.18 this was 
possible. Now I am using version 0.19 and get this errors.

Any ideas?

Kind regards


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