[mythtv-users] - Stupid question about upgrade to 0.19

Alessandro Boggiano boggiano at libero.it
Wed Mar 1 19:25:00 UTC 2006

Kevin Kuphal wrote:

>>I just upgraded today to 0.19: almost everything went smooth! ;)
>>Just a couple of things:
>>-Now tv records as mpg file instead of nuv, in this way in the mythVideo 
>>I find files as 200601202030 inside the list.
>>But I have others <good_name>.mpg files inside the dir /video,so I don't 
>>hide file with that extension.
>>How to avoid this?
> Don't point MythVideo at your TV directory?  Normally I think people 
> have these as separate folders because they serve two different purposes

Thanks Kevin,but I can't now separate them.
/video is (and was) the only large partition where I put every video. 
(it worked very well in the 18.1).


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