[mythtv-users] Installation of the backend without X

Graham Wood mythtv-users at spam.dragonhold.org
Wed Mar 1 14:19:44 UTC 2006

On Wed, March 1, 2006 14:13, James Armstrong wrote:
> Even easier and you don't have to run X with VNC on the backend to
> configure it, use ssh from a terminal in X on the frontend, then run the
> setup program on the backend. All the gui within X will be forwarded to
> the frontend and you can configure it just like you were on the backend.
I don't think any of the people in this discussion have been talking about
VNC at any time (it's certainly not what I meant) - the 'X' session can be
sent to any X server that is running something with the appropriate

The only reasons for using SSH (in this case) are if your X server on your
client machine isn't listening for TCP connections on its external IP
(some are configured to only listen on localhost, or not at all for
network connections) or you have a firewall in the way blocking port 6000.

Since it increases the load on the boxes at each end (it's tunneling after
all even if you don't use compression/encryption), and will also increase
latency - you're better not using it if your connection is over a LAN.

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