[mythtv-users] Play divx movies from DVD disk

Ivan Kowalenko ivan.kowalenko at gmail.com
Fri Jun 30 06:26:21 UTC 2006

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On Jun 30, 2006, at 01.09, Phill Edwards wrote:

>> I am curious, how people play DVD disks with divx movies on it  
>> with myth?
>> I just made small tool, which is binded to the button on the remote.
>> When clicked, it mounts dvd, shows all movies and you can play any  
>> of them.
>> When exiting, it unmounts dvd, and returns to myth.

I'd be interested in taking a look at this app. I have this exact  
same thing going on. I hate how MythVideo handles that.

> I just set up a sym link inb my videos dir to /dev/cdrom so that when
> I go into MythVideo and browse it finds anything on the DVD or CD I've
> inserted in the DVD drive.

That's kind of what I have going on, except I just mount it in my  
video directory, which means manually mounting and stuff. I tried  
messing around with AutoMount, but it was just more of a mess than it  
was worth for me.
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