[mythtv-users] Stuttering Video/Audio

Michael A Weber mweberjunk01 at wowway.com
Thu Jun 29 10:44:11 UTC 2006

I have been scouring the list archives to find a solution to my problem, but
I have not found anything with promise.


I had a functioning Myth system on 0.18, however my audio was a bit of a
problem with the version of the ivtv driver I had at the time.  So, I
eventually decided to upgrade the ivtv driver (which was to fix the bad
audio), and that required a kernel update among other things to meet
dependency requirements.


So, I went to kernel 2.6.16-1.2111 under FC4, updated my nvidia fx5200
driver to version 8762, ivtv to 0.6.2, myth components to 0.19-128 or -124
depending on the availability, and after a bit of headache with permissions,
I got LiveTV functioning again, ALMOST.


The audio and video on LiveTV seem to "stutter" and try to catch back up to
the source every 5 seconds or so.  It's as if the stream is not being played
back at the correct speed and it lags behind; then the audio/video is
"reset" back to the current position in the stream and frames are dropped
and the audio stutters to make it happen.


I have tried XvMC and all the other settings for offloading the video to the
hardware; I have tried the setting for "use video signal for timebase"
setting or however that reads; I have tried what people suggested in earlier
posts of pausing the live video and waiting a few seconds, then playing;
unfortunately, nothing makes it any better.


But, the really sad thing is that if I simply cat the device port to a .mpg
file for a while, then play it back with mplayer or xine, it's perfect.  No
stuttering, nada.


I'm at a total loss, and I have refrained from watching live tv for weeks
since it's quite unbearable.  Does anyone have any ideas as to the root
cause of this problem?  Or, does anyone have any suggestions on a potential



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