[mythtv-users] cidbcast

Mike stuff at dustsmoke.com
Thu Jun 29 08:55:26 UTC 2006

Skip Patterson wrote:
> Hey Mike, I tried without the init but same results as before, nothing 
> goes out on the 3rd Send AT.  I wasn't sure if that would work as I 
> don't have distinctive ring on my phone (the S41=1) but it didn't seem 
> to matter.
> I believe the groups are okay as I do seem to be able to access what I 
> need, I'm even trying to run cidbcast as root just to see if that 
> works.  As far as udev, I've never messed with that so I honestly 
> don't know but I'm not rebooting and the permissions are okay still.  
> I agree its something to do with it not sending the init string, I've 
> looked through the code but I don't see any reason for it.  Is the 
> latest cidbcast the one dated 9/13/03 still?  I looked in svn and it 
> seemed to be dated the same.
> thanks again,
> Ben

Well, in svn they aren't using svn keywords for the date so it's not 
really correct. Its newer than than 2003, about 8 months old right now.


Yeah, I don't know why its not attempting to send the init string for 
you. cidbcast seems to be pretty flakey for me too. Since I upgraded my 
motherboard and built a new kernel, I can't even get it to parse the 
response buffer correctly anymore. I know it works since minicom works 
just fine under my user plus I've used it for quite some time in the 
past. But I just can't seem to get it to work with my limited knowledge 
of C. You may try svn just to see if that works for you. It doesn't for 
me but I can atleast initialize the modem.

svn co http://svn.mythtv.org/svn/trunk/mythtv/contrib/mythnotify


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