[mythtv-users] MythTV Hardware Recommendations - Stability is the Key

Craig Meyer craig at fdllug.org
Thu Jun 29 03:54:52 UTC 2006

The system must be MicroATX because my case is an aluminum desktop style 
MicroATX that only supports and SFX power supply. I have a 250watt SFX 
supply for it. Initially it will be working with my a single PCI 
Hauppage PVR-250 but I want to reserve the ability to run one or two 
HDTV cards in this system further down the road. However, I will be 
running a distributed myth network with more than one PC. If necessary 
my file server will be able to hold one or more tuner cards.

In short I am looking for recommendations on a board and processor that 
matches this:
SFX 250 Watt P/S
Has ATA and SATA interfaces
IS VERY VERY STABLE (probably a via or sis chipset?)


Brian Wood wrote:
> On Jun 28, 2006, at 7:39 PM, Craig Meyer wrote:
>>   MythTV Users,
>> I am a long time MythTV user that recently retired my MythTV box when
>> moving to another state. I am now ready to build a new box but I am
>> looking for advice.
>> My first box was based on an Athlon 2000+ motherboard with a Nvidia
>> Nforce2 chipset and DDR2700 RAM. I bought the system for performance.
>> Unfortunately I found it to be totally unstable. It had weird issues
>> like system hangs, compilation problems and program crashes. It was
>> running Gentoo on both 2.4 and then 2.6 series kernels. I moved it to
>> become a Windows desktop and haven’t seen any of the same issues with
>> the exact hardware. However, I still think it was hardware related
>> because I ran into numorus Nforce2 related Linux glitches.
>> My question is, what would be a good choice for a cheap but complete
>> MicroATX motherboard and processor combination that will support  
>> MythTV
>> with rock solid stability? My primary concerns are STABILITY, heat and
>> power consumption.
> Chad's question about HD or SD is right on the mark, but you need to  
> go further:
> Even if only SD, how many tuners are you expecting to use, as this  
> has bearing on your storage requirements, and some of the small low- 
> heat cases can only handle 1 or 2 drives.
> So it has to be asked if you are thinking of an integrated FE/BE, or  
> perhaps separate machines for each function.
> Many factors influence hardware decisions, but in general if it is  
> stable under Linux  it should be stable with Myth.
> If stability is a major concern, you might want to go with one of the  
> packaged Myth distributions (MythDora, Knoppmyth, Amicus et al). Not  
> that these installations are "better", but they do get more testing  
> of the same software configuration, so you are perhaps less likely to  
> be "surprised", and there is a large base of users to help you out if  
> you do run into trouble.
> The packaged releases also have forums that discuss what hardware is  
> known to work well with them, (and to not work so well, or at all) so  
> I'd read through those to get an idea of what hardware you should be  
> looking at, should you decide to go with one of them.
> If you want to roll your own, the archives of this list are probably  
> the best source of information.
> Many decades ago I asked a TV shop owner who made the best portable  
> color TV, he said Sony, and when I asked why he said because he'd  
> never seen the inside of one :-)
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