[mythtv-users] openGL, Geforce fx 5200, and 1920x1080

Joe Votour joevph at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 28 21:34:41 UTC 2006

--- Rick George <linux at R-Dance.com> wrote:

> So- spiffy new TV is really nice, does 1920x1080
> progressive scan.  So, that's what my desktop
> resolution is set to.  Graphics card is a Geforce FX
> 5200 -lower end, but cheap and no noisy fan on
> board.  So, I can't really get any 3-d screensavers
> to work, not that I care about that.  Google earth
> is really slow, and I'm only running that at about
> 1/4 to 1/2 of the screen size.  
>   I'm not to worried about doing 3-d gaming on this
> machine, since it's mostly for TV.  I was wondering
> about the new opengl interface for mythtv.  Is it
> that hardware intensive to run the opengl menus?  Is
> anyone running 1080p on the svn version with opengl?
>   I'm just wondering if I need to look and fix some
> problems, or if opengl + 1080p is too much to ask of
> a Geforce 5200.
> Rick
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I'm not using 1080p, but I'm using 720p, and have been
able to use 1080i as well on a GeForce 5200FX card
with no problems at all - not even for 3D.  The new
OpenGL menuing system works fine.

Do you have the nVidia binary drivers (not the
open-source "nv" driver) installed correctly?

-- Joe

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