[mythtv-users] Record Multiple Channels on a Single Multiplex(using getstream)?

Paul Simpson paul at maggiandpaul.dnsalias.com
Wed Jun 28 18:32:24 UTC 2006

>>Let me get this right, are you guys saying that I could have a single
>>DVB-T, DVB-C or DVB-S card and then (if I have enough clients) watch
>>FTA channel at the same time?
> No. With a single tuner you could only record the channels that are being
> multiplexed together and broadcast on the same frequency. You won't be
> able
> to record more than 2-4 channels at the same time this way (and in many
> cases it'll be only 1 channel), and you won't be able to freely choose
> which
> channels those are (picking one determines the others).

Even so, it still gives a "4 for the price of 1" option, which sounds good
to me ;-)

Where do I find out which channels are mutiplexed with which on the
various services? (The websites aren't all that helpful when it comes to
stuff like this!!!)


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