[mythtv-users] mpeg2 transcoding

Jeremy Owens-Boggs jeremy.owensboggs at gmail.com
Tue Jun 27 21:11:05 UTC 2006

>> Not currently.  I think someone (Chris Pinkham?) was working on either
>> allowing recording to MPEG-2 directly or at least allowing transcoding
>> to MPEG-2.  So, right now your options include:
>>     a) patience (could be quite a while, though)
>>     b) get a different frontend
>>     c) get a hardware encoder like the PVR-150

>Hauppauge now claims that the MVP can play mpeg-4. As far as I can
>tell this is by transcoding the mpeg-4 file to mpeg-2 on the fly with
>software and then sending the result to the MVP, because the MVP
>hardware has not changed.

It is true the windows server for the MVP can handle mpeg-4 by transcoding
on the fly, it works ok, but if you have to pause, or jump ahead, more often
then not, your sound will get out of sync.

>>OTOH I don't see why you couldn't create a user job to transcode a
>>file to mpeg-2.

>>But the cost of a PVR is about the cost of one hour of labor on such
>>a project, and is thus probably the better solution.

Nah, monthly fees, frequent checkins with the 'mother ship', and working
right out of the box... bah, what fun is that.
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