[mythtv-users] PCHDTV-5500 Sound and Contrast on ubuntu

Sam Leathers disasm at gentux.org
Tue Jun 27 14:20:08 UTC 2006

Nathan Smith wrote:
> Hey Sam,
> On Mon, 26 Jun 2006, Samuel Leathers wrote:
>> I just got a PCHDTV-5500 card. Two issues I'm having. The first is the
>> contrast is too high by default (looks great if I go in TVTime and change
>> the contrast to 25%). How do I do this with mythtv to default to that?
> I have had to do the same thing.. along with boost the color level to
> about 80%, and the brightness to 60%, on every channel. Also, I don't know
> if it's more the card or the software, but I found the default sound
> configuration to be very low quality (you could hear the compression), so
> I am now running with uncompressed audio.
>> Next issue is audio. everytime I change the channel in mythtv, it resets
>> the capture in alsamixer for the card to 49. It needs to be around 100 for
>> it to be audible. Why is mythtv changing that level in the mixer on
>> channel changes? Or if it's not mythtv doing it, what would cause that?
> Did you set the default mixer volume level in the setup?
No I didn't. Is this in the mythtv setup or elsewhere? The thing that
seems odd is everytime the channel changes the capture volume goes down
on the hdtv card.
>> Next issue is how do I get it so the sound is only on when I'm watching
>> TV, or if I record something, it records from my line-in? Currently, after
>> I go to the channel I want, ssh in to increase the capture volume, I can
>> hear the audio, but when I stop watching TV, the audio continues to play.
>> What would cause this?
> Did you mute your line-in?
When I mute the line-in I get no sound at all, well on the machine
hooked up to the TV (running the backend), but I get sound if I run
mythtv from my laptop.

However, if I change the channel from the laptop, it brings the capture
volume down still on the hdtv card, and I have to ssh in and bring it
back up to be able to hear the sound.

The main goal is get the machine running the backend to be hooked up to
the TV, and if I'm in a different room to be able to watch TV from my
laptop or a different computer.

I also tried recording, instead of watching it live, and ran into more
issues. I can setup a recording schedule, but the recordings don't make
it to the upcoming recordings. I've tried scheduling from a frontend on
my laptop, the frontend on the backend machine, and mythweb, all with
the same result.

Thankyou for any help!

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