[mythtv-users] TVoverscan & mplayer ?

Warpme warpme at o2.pl
Mon Jun 26 20:50:34 UTC 2006

Hi *

I just fighting with following issue but without success....

I have MythTv system with mplayer (1.0pre7try2) used for watching videos.

TV is hooked via S-Video and for filling whole CRT area with content I 
use TVoverscan option in Xfree config configured to 800x600 and limiting 
GUI size in MythTV. (In MythTV is setup GUI size to 752x564 and x=+20, 
y=+10 offsets. With such settings screen is fully filling CRT area and 
is properly centered). Nice !

However with mplayer screen is still overscaned (going "outside" CRT area).

So question is: how can I instruct mplayer to use in fullscreen mode an 
resolution which is smaller (752x564) than fs Xfree 800x600 and apply 
small x/y offsets ?

I already tried vf=dsize=752:564 but I had problems with displaying some 
AVI's: they are filling in Y dimension correctly with overscan in X 
dimension. Without vf=dsize=752:564 they are filling X dimension and 
black borders are aded in Y dimension - and it is for my tast much 
better approach.

million thanx in advance

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