[mythtv-users] Myth is automatically cancelling recordings?

Ben Dash ben_dash at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 25 02:21:04 UTC 2006

--- "Michael T. Dean" wrote:
> On 06/24/2006 03:35 PM, Ben Dash wrote:
> > --- chris wrote:
> >> On Sat, Jun 24, 2006 at 09:08:03AM -0700, Ben
> Dash wrote:   
> >>> That's part of the problem, the "Upcoming
> recordings" screen says that Myth isn't recording
> any of these previously set up shows.  There are no
> conflicts. Wierd.
> >>>       
> >> There are other reasons why a show wouldn't be
> >> recorded besides conflights.
> >>     
> > Absolutely, however, the shows aren't in the
> "upcoming
> > Recordings" screen list at all.  Sorry that I
> didn't
> > make myself clear about that.
> >   
> Which means your recording rules don't match the
> shows.  Something makes 
> the listing not a match, /or/ the listing is on a
> channel that doesn't 
> exist in your connected video sources (so Myth can't
> record it).

I can pretty much rule out the chanel change scenario,
since this is happening with all recordings and
certain channels I kmow haven't changed numbers, e.g.

What's strange to me is that I can go into "Manage
recordings"->"Set priorities" and then select a show
(that isn't showing up in the "Upcoming recordings"
screen list), press ENTER, then select "Preview
schedule changes" and press ENTER and magically the
problem is solved.  The show will now appear in the
"Upcoming recordings" screen list as you'd expect it
to have in the first place.

I sent a previous email with the specific MySQL
selects and updates but, if I remember correctly, it
was all based on the recording and recording_tmp
tables.  Nothing immediately shouted "I'm the problem"
to me but I'll keep looking and let the list know what
the cause turns out to be.

Thanks for all the ideas!

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