[mythtv-users] Myth scaling/deinterlacing vs Faroudja

Louie Ilievski loudawg at comcast.net
Sun Jun 25 01:53:26 UTC 2006

> Now here comes a small, but potentially significant, caveat that I
> should've included originally. My MythTV box's DVI cable is plugged
> into DVI1 on the panel. I recall reading someplace that DVI1 on the
> LVM-37W1 is designed to not do any deinterlacing on its video output,
> whether it's fed interlaced video or not. It's possible I've thus not
> actually been putting the panel's deinterlacing circuitry to the test.
> Since the couch I'm sitting on is far too comfortable and I don't feel
> like getting up to rearrange my setup, I hereby dub thee the Duke of
> Deinterlacing and bide thee to, when it arrives, try the various DVI
> inputs on the LVM-42W2 out and see if there are any differences.
> PS - Do you actually have some true-HD video content to test the panel
> with? Have you already equipped yourself with ATSC cards or HD cable
> boxes?

Haha.  I hereby accept this honorable task bestowed upon me.  I just received 
my AverMedia A180 card and will be setting it up today or tomorrow, so yeah, 
hopefully I'll have a true HD source to play with very soon here.

I'm ready to be blown away by all of this.  I haven't really even seen an HD 
picture in quite some time now....I do remember back at CES in January 
standing there, unable to move, as a demo on one particular display 
completely mesmerized me.

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