[mythtv-users] PVR-150 MCE captures nothing but static

Chad masterclc at gmail.com
Sat Jun 24 07:22:31 UTC 2006

> At least in the US consumer devices that output an RF signal normally
> do so on either channels 2 and 3, or channels 3 and 4, usually switch-
> selectable in either case.
> The idea is to use a channel that is not used for off-air
> broadcasting in your area.
> The FCC will never assign two adjacent channels to the same market
> (channels 4 and 5 are not really adjacent, nor are channels 6 and 7).
> This is to prevent the aural carrier from creating interference on
> the upper adjacent channel. Cable systems are able to operate on
> adjacent channels by running the aural carrier 15-17 db. below the
> visual, as opposed to 10db. down which is the off-air standard, one
> reason why cable channels are more susceptible to "buzz" in the audio
> when bright whites or character generators are on-screen.
> With "standard" frequency assignments cable channel 3 is the same as
> off-air channel 3 (61.250 Mhz. visual carrier, with possibly a + or -
> 10 Khz. assigned offset) again, in the US.
> The result of the above is that virtually every consumer device is
> capable of outputting on "channel 3", hence the "obsession" with it.
> _______________________________________________

What are you some kind of TV-expert?  It's like you used to work in
the industry or something... :D

As for the issue:

Does your DVD player actually output on the RF output?  Plug it
directly into the TV and see if you get your DVD playing.  If it does,
that's at least one less possibility in your equation.  Next, the card
is probably trying to tune a channel.  Faking myth into thinking you
are feeding it a channel will be one part of it, but I would think
something like an RF-Modulator-in-reverse would be what you need.
But, maybe with the channel fake (We'll use 6 as our fake channel for
the folks who hate 3) will suffice.  Create a new channel giving it
bogus info when prompted.  Assign it to your Tuner's default channel,
and as your video sources *only* channel.  You may have to switch
inputs to get it there, but that might work (use C to switch inputs, Y
to switch cards).



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