[mythtv-users] PVR-150 MCE captures nothing but static

Robin Gilks g8ecj at gilks.org
Sat Jun 24 02:20:31 UTC 2006

> Hello MythTV list,
> I installed the card and myth with only a little difficulty using Jarod's
> guide (substituting repos as I am using CentOS and not Fedora Core).  Ivtv
> seems to recognize the card at /dev/video0, and I can apparently see
> what's going on with the card by using mplayer (mplayer -vo x11
> /dev/video0).  Unfortunately what's going on is nothing but static.
> Right now I am just trying to view a DVD, so I have the coaxial cable from
> the DVD player going into the connector on the card.
> I am using input 0 ("Tuner")...
> [root at rockstar etc]# ivtvctl -d /dev/video0 -n
>         Input   : 0
>         Name    : Tuner
>         Type    : 0x00000001
>         Audioset: 0x00000003
>         Tuner   : 0x00000000
>         Standard: 0x0000000000003000 ( NTSC )
>         Status  : 0
> ...and I have tried changing the channels with ivtv-tune:
> [root at rockstar etc]# ivtv-tune -c 3 -d /dev/video0
> /dev/video0: 61.250 MHz
> What gives?  I have tried googling for this problem but mostly I find
> either people asking on various forums (with no responses) or the standard
> advice--"Try changing the channel."  Any ideas?

Why is everyone obsessed with channel 3?

Is your DVD player REALLY outputting a signal on chan 3? Is that the
channel your TV sees it on OK (i.e. 61.250MHz)?

There again the channel number depends on what 'zone' you have the card
set to - cable chan 3 is not the same freq as broadcast chan 3 (certainly
not in PAL country, I imagine that NTSC is the same).

Robin Gilks

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