[mythtv-users] Debian AMD64 Missing UI Elements

Dustin Nicholas Jenkins at88mph at shaw.ca
Sat Jun 24 01:20:45 UTC 2006

Typically I build everything from source, but I've lately taken akin to 
doing everything through Debian's package manager.  Everything 
installed OK, but I installed the core mythtv package first, then had 
to wait a couple of days for the libdvdXXX packages to be fixed before 
I could install mythdvd.

After I have installed mythdvd, I can't see the usual DVD setup menu 
under the Setup -> Media Settings -> DVD Settings.  I assumed it 
would've shown up automatically as part of mythdvd being installed.  
The mythweather stuff showed up OK after the fact, why not mythdvd?  
Anybody know of some permission-related stuff, or a simple MySQL field 
I can modify?  I can change the DVD settings through MySQL manually, 
but would like to have it through the UI.


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