[mythtv-users] Using a Tivo Chassis for Myth

Kevin Hulse jedi at mishnet.org
Fri Jun 23 13:41:54 UTC 2006

> Sorry, even if someone's already done it, I wouldn't recommend it. I
> thought about it too because the S2 case is actually pretty nice. But
> when I started turning some of my numbers onto the project and throwing
> some engineering calculators at it I figured that I'd end up with
> something that looked like... well... a hacked up Series 2 Tivo that
> might last 6 months in my living room before an overheat on the CPU,
> Video or Capture card killed it or necessitated expensive repairs.
> Now... if you wanted to create just a FRONTEND with a hacked Tivo...
> that might be possible with the right hardware (though expensive)

	I Dunno... just wait for some mobo combo deal at a place
like Frys and get a minimal amount of memory and a cdrom to boot
off of (or a netboot nic). Boot off the network and have no local
storage. Or get a 2.5 harddrive just big enough to install Linux

	Have a CD drive around for initial installation and
then disconnect it from the system.

	You can get smaller heatsinks that will fit into a
Tivo case.


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