[mythtv-users] Advice on UK-based providers.

Paul Simpson paul at maggiandpaul.dnsalias.com
Thu Jun 22 19:36:37 UTC 2006


First up, I am based in the UK (so this will govern the sources
available!). I am about to move house and want to install Myth (or maybe
Pluto) in my new home.

Now, I obviously have quite a choice of video sources. I could use an
aerial for either analog or freeview digital. I could use cable (NTL is
the local one) which I have at the moment and will probably keep for the
broadband and the 'phone. Finally, there's a dish already on the house for

Naturally, I want to pay as little as possible (both for kit and ongoing
subscriptions) but will probably end up running up to 6 front-ends (lots
of kids!) and will be installing Gb Ethernet throughout (We're a family of
computer geeks! ;-) )

Now, my question concerns advice on the appropriate mix of sources. Also,
can anyone tell me what channels I can get from each, both free and on

Ideally, I'd like to avoid having loads of decoder boxes in addition to my
back-end. What cards will take a raw aerial / cable / satellite feed? I'm
sure I've seen a card advertised with an add-on that can take a cable
decoder smart-card to allow me to avoid a cable STB. Are there any cards
out there that can do this AND decode multiple channels simultaneously? Is
there a similar device available for satellite?

When NTL installed cable where I am now, the guy told me that they send an
UHF TV feed down the coax as well and that I can split the signal and feed
it directly into the UHF of my TV. I tried this and it works. Does anyone
know if the freeview channels are also sent this way?

All in all, I'm looking for a solution which gives me as many channels as
possible for as little cost as possible. The kids love the Cartoon Channel
and anything showing The Simpson's. I just want to get a channel that
shows "The New Yankee Workshop" :-D

So, advice anyone?


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