[mythtv-users] NVIDIA woes? X starts spinning at 95-99% cpu all of a sudden

Osma Ahvenlampi oa at iki.fi
Thu Jun 22 10:58:47 UTC 2006

On ma, 2006-06-19 at 11:59 -0400, Jeff wrote:
> Today i was navigating through the menues on the frontend and it hung.
> Looking from another session showed X as the top cpu process with 99%
> or so.

> I believe this corresponds to the start of the problem:
> /var/log/messages:
> Jun 19 11:39:37 kernel: NVRM: Xid: 13, 0000 02004a00 0000004a 0000040c
> 020d0006 00004000

I get this too. Playing with IRQ allocations helped a bit, underclocking
the system helped a bit, and replacing the motherboard eliminated the
problem (but replaced it with others). That "Xid" error is the key by
which you'll find lots of threads about the exact same problems by
people trying to use OpenGL for games, and other cases...

I think it's some kind of DMA/IRQ/shared-IRQ and Linux kernel/Nvidia
driver co-operation issue that basically has no total solution. Some
people just are luckier than others (I'll leave it for you to decide
which group - the ones getting consistent lockups under certain
circumstances, or those getting infrequent random crashes).

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