[mythtv-users] For those of you interested in a 1080p flat panel

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Wed Jun 21 20:48:13 UTC 2006

On Jun 21, 2006, at 1:46 PM, Rick George wrote:

> This is the one that was on sale for 1500$ for one day last week.   
> Anyone looking to upgrade televisions should definately watch for a  
> good price on this one.  It is mainly a 42" LCD monitor, with a lot  
> of inputs.  Being a monitor, it sets itself automatically with  
> EDID... no modlines to adjust.  It supports DPMS a well.  The  
> picture on it is really nice.  I traded out from a 56" rear  
> projection HD ready tv.  I thought I would miss the extra size.   
> With the way this monitor looks and performs, I never notice that  
> it is a little smaller.  Very nice TV option..although it doesn't  
> have coaxial in, so I guess it's not really a TV.

The link also didn't mention HDCP, but I checked the manufacturer's  
(or at least the marketer's) site and it does support that feature.

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