[mythtv-users] New system build. Looking for opinions.

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Tue Jun 20 20:14:40 UTC 2006

On Jun 20, 2006, at 12:34 PM, Troy Beneke wrote:
>  I do have a question about the TV tuner options below (How is the  
> tuning occuring on the 500 with only a single external input? Is  
> the card itself doing the tuning or is it relying on the STB? I'm  
> curious how that is handled and it will determine which option I go  
> with).

Answering one piece of your post:

The 500 card has two  individual tuners, each of which can tune a  
separate channel from the RF input.

You can also use a STB to do the tuning, by going into the composite  

I believe that to fully utilize all of the inputs you must mount some  
separate input connectors that come on brackets that fit onto the  
rear of the case, in other word if you want to use all of your card  
slots you need a case that has more bracket slots than your  
motherboard has card slots.

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