[mythtv-users] Multiple Tuners (Firerwire, PVR-350), Same DCT6200 Scheduling Question

Joel Turner jturner421 at aol.com
Tue Jun 20 18:08:09 UTC 2006

I have three tuner sources setup, a PVR-350, a pcHDTV HD3000, and 
firewire from a DCT6200, tuner 1-3 respectively. I am running Myth 0.19 
on Ubuntu Breezy.  The PVR-350 and the firewire tuner are logically 
separate tuners but  in reality are sharing the DCT6200 for output 
purposes.  I am lucky in the sense that my cable operator in WI, 
Charter, pumps several of their digital and all of their analog channels 
out through firewire.  I have been able to capture channels 1-80, all 
network HDTV, and as a complete surprise Cinemax HD through firewire. 
Normal HBO, Cinemax, and most channels 100 and above are unavailable.  I 
have set up my lineups so that only HBO, Cinemax, channels 100 and 
above, etc.. are through the PVR-350.  The other channels are through 
firewire . This unfortunately causes conflicts. For instance, I am an 
avid baseball fan and have purchased MLB Extra Innings.  I have 
confirmed that it can only be recorded on the PVR-350.  Within that 3 -4 
hour window, I have a recording for the 4400 on USA which is a firewire 
capture.  MythTv correctly schedules MLB on tuner 1 and the 4400 on 
tuner 3.  Two hours into a ballgame the cable box will switch to channel 
34, capture the 4400 and ruin the baseball capture.  Setting recording 
priorities does not help since that only works on recordings on the same 

A search through the archives offers no solution for this situation. I 
currently resolve these conflicts manually but would like to implement a 
more automated solution.   In a perfect world, it would be great if 
there was a way in Myth to allow multiple tuners to be tied to a primary 
source for scheduling purposes. In the scenario above, I could either 
address a conflict through priorities or as USA repeats the show,  the 
scheduler would correctly identify a later version to capture. I was 
wondering if there is an undocumented solution, planned for 0.20,  or if 
this has been addressed in the svn version?


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