[mythtv-users] Replacement for Nova-T

Lachlan McIntosh lachlan at directions.com.au
Mon Jun 19 22:18:51 UTC 2006

Hi everyone
Recently I moved into an apartment building and now no longer having
control of the antenna feed, I'm having trouble with low signal levels
with my Nova-T.

All channels are at 75-80% signal strength and the VHF channels are at
99% S/N, however SBS (on UHF) is only 95% S/N and although it locks onto
the signal when searching for channels it times out with a "no table"

I've heard that some cards are better at low signal levels than others.

Ideally I'd like to get a card that will record two channels, with the
signal constraints that I have, as well as say the occasional S-video
recording from a set top box (if and when they ever connect foxtel up in
this building) 

Also getting rid of the Nova-T means replacing my remote.

Has anyone had similar experiences with the Nova-T?  Can anyone
recommend a replacement that can overcome the limited signal strength
(that I have no control over)?

Also suggestings for replacing the Silver/Grey Nova-T remote would be



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