[mythtv-users] Non-transcoded DVD rip with menu?

Kevin Hulse jedi at mishnet.org
Mon Jun 19 15:50:39 UTC 2006

On Mon, May 22, 2006 at 01:26:36PM -0500, Kevin Kuphal wrote:
> Ioldanach Dyfrgi wrote:
> > Is it possible to configure the rip such that the entire DVD is
> > ripped, decss'd, and stored for playback with full menu & features?
> > There are cases where I'd like to make the DVD available for playback
> > later without having to reinsert the DVD. That is to say, once the DVD
> > is played once, it should remain on the hard drive and I can store the
> > source media in a secure location such that kids & environmental
> > factors won't cause damage, until such time as I need to delete the
> > rip or experience catastrophic failure of the MythTV hard drives. With
> > hard drives getting relatively cheap, I can see a time in the not too
> > distant future where all of my 200 or so movies will fit on a single
> > raid array (today I could pay $1000 for 4 500GB SATA drives and rip
> > all 200 of my DVD's in a non-transcoded form).
> >   
> Make an ISO of the DVD.  Play it back with xine or mplayer as needed.

	This reminds me about an old joke about a pilot flying in 
Seattle fog asking  for directions to the airport...

	This is NOT what he asked for. I'm interested in the same thing.
I'd code it up myself if I had the time (but having a obsessive wife, I
do not). It would be VERY nice if Myth could handle this through the 
frontend. Not everyone wants to transcode their DVD's and strip off 

	Also cool would be some way to reference tracks directly possibly
in the same view as the recorded programs.

	The idea would be that the video jukebox and pvr can be seen
as a monster unified Tivo/Myth.

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