[mythtv-users] Favorite low noise/low power frontend solutions (MediaMVP v. X-Box v. other?)

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Mon Jun 19 14:48:53 UTC 2006

On Jun 19, 2006, at 8:21 AM, Jeff wrote:

> I've seen people recommend X-Boxen and  MediaMVPs as "cheap" frontend
> solutions. We currently use an old Pentium box which we keep turned
> off most of the time because its noisy.
> It would be nice to replace it with something else. We're also looking
> for a 2nd frontend so we can relocate the current backend+frontend box
> to the basement where its cooler (help the disk drives live longer). I
> think low power & low noise are probably the two biggest requirements
> for a frontend in our house. I don't think we need a 300W power supply
> for a frontend box.
> Are the X-Box/MediaMVPs pretty much interchangeable in terms of
> features/mythtv support? Any gottcha's to look out for with these?
> Specific models/revisions which work/don't work? Other favorite
> frontend solutions? So far the only caeat I've seen is that you need
> to keep the files as mpeg2 for the MVP. Same for XBox?

To answer you basic question, no.

The MediaMVP is in no way a full frontend. It can play back recorded  
material but can't, ever since the changes to the live system in  
0.19, even watch live TV (although you could "chase" a live recording  
that was happening.

The X-Box, OTOH, can operate most of the functionality of a "real" F/ 
E, or so I am told as I do not own one.

Neither one can deal with HD.

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