[mythtv-users] controlling channel-card matching

Don Hayward don at pomobuli.net
Sun Jun 18 20:44:59 UTC 2006


I've looked extensively for this, but can't seem to find the right
keywords, or way of understandung the docs.

I have cable with a box.  The basic channels don't need the box, so I
can record two streams at the same time (one through the box, one

I have two cards.  One with input from the box (always channel 3), one
with basic input (channels 2,4-73).

I want to control card/channel association in Myth scheduler so that
channels 2,4-73 always record from card 2 while channel 3 always
records from card 1.

I've run the channel scan in mythtv-setup. Card 1 found only channel
3.  Card 2 found channels 2-73.  Increasing card 1 priority doesn't
help.  It then picks up all channels.

Is there a way to make a hard assignment of channels to cards?



Don.Hayward at pomobuli.net

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