[mythtv-users] Want some advice on first MythTV build

Intense Red intnsred at golgotha.net
Fri Jun 16 15:45:37 UTC 2006

 > Case (something that I can put in my living room) -

   This is always a tradeoff.  Small and quiet is nice, but small generally 
equals heat issues.  I can't offer any advice on this point but it does amaze 
me at how expensive HTPC cases are...

 > Mobo -

   Avoid VIA chipsets.  There's a page in the MythTV wiki or docs that lists 
out some mobo cautions.

 > RAM (not sure how much to get) -

   I'd recommend 1 GB as a nice, round number.  But 512 would do if you're 
careful; this all depends on your GNU/Linux distro and specific 

 > Video card (thinking one of those fanless GeForce FX5200) -

   That'd be a good choice as it's got both free and non-free drivers.  One 
question is TV-out?  Do you need it?  If so, do you use it on the video card 
or built onto the tuner card?

 > DVD burner -

   Generic; most seem to work fine with Linux.

 > PS (thinking about a seasonic 330W) -

   Another trade-off issue between power and noise.  Be aware that some PSs 
lie about actually giving their full amount of power they claim on the 

 > Tuner card (don't have an HDTV) -

   Myself, I like the Happauge line (check the list archives, there are good 
discussions on the various Happauge models).  I have a PVR-350 and 500 and 
don't regret that purchase.  The 350's TV-out is nice.  If I didn't need the 
TV-out a 500 would be a nice solution to give 2 tuners on one card.  (Be 
advised that these are not "mini" cards; this could be an issue if you go 
with a tiny case.)

   And FWIW, since these PVR cards do encoding and/or decoding on the card 
itself, your 2.4 GHz CPU will be overkill.  I'm in the same boat, but the way 
I look at it that just gives me more CPU cycles to use for BOINC seti at home 
processing. :-)

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