[mythtv-users] Happauge Wintv IR LED

Chris Ribe chrisribe at gmail.com
Fri Jun 16 02:13:13 UTC 2006

> >
> > I have a Happauge Wintv that includes an IR LED (like
> > the PVR 150 only smaller) -- is this technically an IR
> > blaster and controlled by LIRC?
> >
> > What channelchange script should be used to control a
> > dishnetwork Phillips/Echostar 2700 receiver with this
> > built in LED and where can it be downloaded?
> From my experiences with the Happauge WinTV cards' IR device, it is an
> IR Reciever only, no transmission, so it's not an IR "Blaster", and
> can not be used to control a set-top box.
> Does your DishNetwork box have an RS-232 socket on the back, and if
> so, can this be used to control the box?

I also have a PVR-150 that came with an IR blaster and I am having
trouble figuring out if I can use it.  And no, it isn't an IR
receiver.  The device is a two headed thing that has an ir blaster and
an IR receiver tethered to a common connector.

If anybody has any info on the feasibility of using this thing, I'd
like to hear it.

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