[mythtv-users] Blue + green fringe on 4:3 live-tv/recordings

Ben Lancaster lists at benlancaster.co.uk
Fri Jun 16 00:10:10 UTC 2006


For some reason, I have a very thin (1-2px?) blue fringe at the top,  
and an equally thin green fringe of the picture on 4:3 DVB-T content  
when displayed on my 16:9 LCD TV (via VGA) when the aspect override  
is set to "Fill" by default, so the picture zooms to fit my TV.  
Weirdly, however, if I cycle through the aspect ratios back to "Fill"  
the fringes are gone. I'm guessing this is something to do with XvMC?

I'm running:
MythTV 0.19 (latest ATRPMS)
RatPoison WM

My startup script contains:
xvattr -a XV_COLORKEY -v 0
...which I had to place in to get rid of a blue fringe that appeared  
on *all* accelerated MPEG2 video.

Any solutions out there? Thanks!


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