[mythtv-users] harmony 880 remote

Gabe Rubin gaberubin at gmail.com
Wed Jun 14 21:33:29 UTC 2006

On 6/14/06, James C. Dastrup <jc at dastrup.com> wrote:
> >I just picked up one of these, and found some decent lirc config files
> >floating around, but what I have does not unlock all the buttons, or
> >at least I don't know the coding for all of them.
> >
> >Is anyone out there using one of these remotes?  And if so, able to
> >point me to their lircd.conf and lircrc files, as well as letting me
> >know which model numbers to select from the logitech harmony website?
> >I was using the KnoppMyth setup, which is for an older harmony, but
> >seems to work fairly well (aside from the aforementioned missing
> >buttons).
> >
> Like most other programmable remotes, pick your favorite lirc.conf file
> and use it. You can map any button to anything you want.
> I have this remote and I manually programmed each button to my IR
> wireless keyboard commands. No LIRC used at all. Works great.
I should mention that I am using the PVR-350 IR receiver, which does
protocol 5.  I would rather not spend the time figuring out which
specific setup for the remote and lircd.conf file will work well
together, but will do it if needed.  Just seeing if someone had a
similar setup and could share.

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